"551 WAYS" album:

Built by a mysterious architect,
professor Jean-Paul, Picturing Sound
gathers three friends:
Doctor Scott, Herytep, and Ptit Fat, draughtsmen of electro ingredients
thrown through trip-hop, hip-hop,
abstract constructions...

Their last opus:
a sound labyrinth with the atmosphere authenticates punctuated featurings as
improbable as revolutionary:
Jean-Paul Sartre?! Gerard Majax... etc.
No doubt, you're there!
Welcome in a parallel dimension:
551 ways carry out to Picturing Sound.


Doctor Scott : samples, conception sonore, mixage.
Herytep : samples, clarinette, clavier, conception sonore.
Ptit Fat : samples, guitare, saxophone, piano, batterie,
conception sonore.


Emilie C. : voice, Julien A. : trompet, Julien D. : bass, Jojo G. : beatbox